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Buying Your Home - Working With a Real Estate Agent

Can I use an agent for a new home?
Yes, however buyers should be aware of the differences inherent in working with sales agents who are employed by the developer, rather than traditional real estate agents.
Builders commonly require that an outside agent be present, and sign in, the first time a prospective purchaser visits a site before payment of commission even is discussed.  At times when buyers use an advertisement to find the development themselves first, builders can refuse to pay any commission regardless of how helpful an agent may become later in the process. It is advisable to call the development first and inquire about their policy on compensating real estate agents if you are using one.

How do I find a real estate agent? {it really is easy - just CALL NICKY DOU}
Getting a recommendation from a friend or work colleague is an excellent way to find a good agent. Be sure to ask if they would use the agent again. You also can call the managers of reputable real estate firms and ask them for recommendations of agents who have worked in your neighborhood. In any case, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you should interview at least three agents to give yourself a choice. A good agent typically works full-time and has several years of experience. If you are a seller, you should expect to review a comparative market analysis, which includes recent home sale prices in your area, when you talk to a prospective agent.

What about a buyer's agent?
In many states, it's now common for an agent to represent the buyers exclusively in the transaction and be paid a commission by the sellers. More and more buyers are going a step further, hiring and paying for their own agent, referred to as buyers brokers.

How do you find a good agent?
Getting a recommendation from a friend or work colleague is an excellent way to find a good agent, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Be sure to ask if they would use the agent again. You also can call the managers of reputable real estate firms and ask them for recommendations of agents who have worked in your neighborhood.
A good agent typically works full-time and has several years of experience at minimum. If you are a buyer, you don't usually pay for your agent's services (in the form of a commission, or percentage of the sales price of the home). All agents in a transaction usually are paid by the seller from the sales proceeds. In many states, this means that your agent legally is acting as a subagent of the seller. But in some states, it's legal for an agent to represent the buyers exclusively in the transaction and be paid a commission by the sellers. You also can hire and pay for your own agent, known as buyer's brokers, whose legal obligation is exclusively to you. If you are a seller, you should interview at least three agents, all of whom should make a sales presentation including a comparative market analysis of local home prices in your area. The best choice isn't always the agent with the highest asking price for your home. Be sure to evaluate all aspects of the agent's marketing plan and how well you think you can work with the individual.

How much does my real estate agent need to know?
Real estate agents would say that the more you tell them, the better they can negotiate on your behalf. However, the degree of trust you have with an agent may depend upon their legal obligation. Agents working for buyers have three possible choices: They can represent the buyer exclusively, called single agency, or represent the seller exclusively, called sub- agency, or represent both the buyer and seller in a dual-agency situation. Some states require agents to disclose all possible agency relationships before they enter into a residential real estate transaction. Here is a summary of the three basic types:
* In a traditional relationship, real estate agents and brokers have a fiduciary relationship to the seller. Be aware that the seller pays the commission of both brokers, not just the one who lists and shows the property, but also to the sub- broker, who brings the ready, willing and able buyer to the table.
* Dual agency exists if two agents working for the same broker represent the buyer and seller in a transaction. A potential conflict of interest is created if the listing agent has advance knowledge of another buyer's offer. Therefore, the law states that a dual agent shall not disclose to the buyer that the seller will accept less than the list price, or disclose to the seller that the buyer will pay more than the offer price, without express written permission.
* A buyer also can hire his or her own agent who will represent the buyer's interests exclusively. A buyer's agent usually must be paid out of the buyer's own pocket but the buyer can trust them with financial information, knowing it will not be transmitted to the other broker and ultimately to the seller.

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Nicky strives to be the best in all that she does!

Nicky is a wonderful real estate sales professional with an eye for detail. She takes pride in meeting the needs of her customers and clients. Her professionalism and knowledge of technology are second to none. Nicky strives to be the best in all that she does, driving her to be a leader in NW Arkansas in the real estate industry. Deborah Brown


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“We believe that Nicky Dou's business model is one that will re-invent the way our real estate market functions. Nicky blends innovation and technology with true personalized customer service.” Baugh & Coombs Properties


"The experience has been perfect in every way"

Dear Nicky,

The experience of purchasing our new home has been perfect in every way, thanks to you.

Your web site was easy to use and certainly covered the real estate market in Northwest Arkansas. With short notice, you worked us into your schedule at our convenience. You made us feel comfortable from the start. Was it your willingness, your listening ability, your knowledge of real estate in Northwest Arkansas? It was all of those qualities.

We feel like we were able to acquire the perfect house for us and that we have a new lifetime friendship with you.

Thank you is inadequate - but will have to do for now - to show our deep appreciation for your help and guidance with our new Deer Haven home. We highly recommend you to anyone in the market for a home.

Warm Regards,
Ken and Melissa Barclay


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I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the awesome service that you gave us in the listing and sale of our home. I can’t believe you sold our home in just 58 days! This was amazing to us as we had our home off/on the market for over two years!! I appreciate all of your recommendations and ideas in helping to stage our home. I believe that made a huge impact on creating a more warm and inviting feel to our home. I know that when we interviewed you, I hit you with a lot of tough questions. You had immediate answers. I was very impressed that you were ready with a marketing strategy to sell our home that was different than most other companies that we had talked to. I remember that when we first visited with you that I had multiple items that buyers had given us negative feedback on. With a smile on your face and a cheer in your voice, you put forth an immediate plan of action addressing how to overcome these problems, even the obvious backing up to the highway problem! We were so pleased that even with there being an abundance of homes on the market in our price range, you were still able to show our home at least twice a week. Your care, knowledge, and communication with us during this process has been unlike any other realtor we have had experiences with in the past. We appreciated the fact that you were always prompt in answering our questions or concerns AND that you were always prompt in providing feedback from a showing of the home. We had listed our home with two other real estate companies over a period of almost two years. Of the three companies, Element Realty by far exceeded our expectations with marketing, customer service, and with your sales experience. You were always on top of things, guiding us through all of the details of the sale of our home. Thank you for your creative marketing ideas and for your optimism in selling our home! Because it was such a joy and pleasure to work with you and your staff at Element Realty, we continually refer people to your office and will relist with you and your company again!!! Jennifer and Keith Rudder


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Nicky not only became my real estate agent but she also became a good friend of mine. Being a first time home buyer I had no idea of what was in store for me and with Nicky's help, guidance and patience I was able to get through this experience. She is the most calm, sweetest and honest people. I will be for ever grateful for all of her help on getting me the house that I so wanted. Thanks, friend! Heydee Lara


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Nicky was perfect for me! She spent time with me like I was a big-time client, showed me things in my price-range and helped me find a house in one week! After working with Nicky, I realized in my last 10 real estate deals, I had never had a competent realtor. She gives a good name to the business. Pearl Brick


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"I would recommend Nicky to anyone wanting to buy a house. This was the fourth home my husband and I have bought. Nicky was, by far, the most professional agent we have used. She really listens carefully to the clients' needs and desires and is very patient as those change!"  Paul and Patty Severino


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"Jeremy and I couldn't be happier in our new home, and we owe it all to you. While we know you were swamped, you always made us feel like we were a top priority. Your personal attention to our selling/buying won't be forgotten!
Thanks for all your help!" 
Kim & Jeremy Brown


"Nicky is one of the best Realtors I know"

"Nicky is one of the best Realtors I know. Her ability to market a property and her work ethic are second to none. I always expect superior results from her because she produces them consistently." Courtney Little


"Nicky Dou is the best."

Nicky Dou is the best. She conspired with my wife to make sure I did not buy the wrong house and got me in the right house. She continued to follow up with details that lingered for over a year after closing.  Robert L. Jones, III, Attorney 


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Nicky is one of the top realtors in NWA for a reason! She works very hard for her clients both as a buyers agent and as a sellers agent. She has a solid grasp on the value of technology and social media in today's market, and is likely one of the most visible realtors in NWA on the web. She is very personable and highly professional. I enjoy working with her and her clients very much. I highly recommend Nicky Dou! Ryann Thornton


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Dear Nicky:

Thank you for your direction, assistance and overall concern for our real estate needs. Your market knowledge, energy, persistence and dedication made a huge difference in arriving at a home decision. The professionalism you exhibited has unfortunately become a rarity in American business! More importantly, your personal attributes enabled you to demonstrate your skills in a wonderful, congenial way. From the beginning of our relationship, you made us feel like a member of your family, your close circle of friends. You could only achieve that if you are a genuinely nice person.

We would recommend anyone to avail themselves of your services, regardless in what capacity. You are simply—The Best!

Thank you for the time, your patience and expertise. Searching for a new home in a new area was indeed a pleasure because of you. Ron and Barbara Winecki


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I run a Global Staffing firm. With several large clients in NW Arkansas I oftentimes have candidates relocating to the area. I always recommend Nicky. She approaches her job like the best software sales people I deal with. She knows the subject matter, understands the market, and knows how to negotiate. Glenn Rappat PartnerWest Professional Staffing


"Her performance in successfully selling our home"

"I wanted to let people know how pleased we were with Nicky's performance in successfully selling our home on Lakefront Drive in Fayetteville. She helped navigate us through quite a bit of adversity to bring both parties to closing on an exceptional offer and better-than-expected timeline. Her professionalism, salesmanship, and marketing ideas were exemplary, and we will be recommending her to my friends and business contacts."

Kudos! "Brad J. Shoptaw"

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